četvrtak, 1. rujna 2011.

Random act of kindness

Today Ii got an amazing suprise in one of the books from library. I opened my A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking and after few pages I already started to feel stupid. But truth to be told, in my opinion there not whole bunch of people that feel smart reading Stephen Hawking. By the end of the first chapter i was ready to give up, but then i turned the page i found a little message saying  "There is only one corner of the universe you can change, and that's you." I never found a message in my book before, even though i left couple of them. I was so happy. Maybe somebody found one of my mesaages and I inspired them. Or maybe not. The point is that somebody was so randomly kind to me :) That mean i have to be absolutly kind to some else .. Lucky them :)
What are yours little acts of kindness? Do you smile to strangers? Do you give compliments to people you know? Do you help old ladies to cross the road? 

srijeda, 31. kolovoza 2011.

The last few months i was constantly planning to make my own blog where I can publish my photographs and write. When I was younger I had a blog, and I loved it, i loved  to write. I thought that I was writing some random bits of wisdom, and now when I read my old blog I can only laugh :)
Recently I started with amateur photography. I'm not really good but I'm trying.
Hence this blog, every day I will try  to publish photo or an random wisdom. If I  have some kind of an audience I probably won't give up.